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Winner of Nobel Prize in Chemistry Professor Mario Molina paid a visit to Department of Environment
Published:2014-07-17 Hits:2943

        On Sept. 20, world famous atmospheric chemist, winner of 1995 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Professor Mario Molina of University of California, San Diego visited Department of Environmental Science and Engineering of Fudan University and made the academic report titled “Atmospheric Pollution and Climate Change” hosted by Professor Chen Jianmin of Department of Environment at the lecture hall of East Wing of the Guanghua Building. During the report, Professor Molina firstly expressed with simple words and vivid pictures great scientific discovery made last century by his colleagues and him which are the thinning of the ozone layer damaged by CFC and the formation mechanism of ozone hole and promote worldwide halt in production of CFC based on the great scientific discovery and the successful experience and lessons to repair the ozone hole. After which Professor Molina  elaborated on some hot issues about the carbon emission and global climate change which has attracted the world’s attention and the response and gave the excellent explanation to those questions put forward by participants with respect to the revelation of the successful solution of the ozone hole in response to global climate change, change of way of development in response to the cost of global climate change and disputes and uncertainty related to global climate change. During the whole speech, Professor Molina appeared as sagacious, easy-going, humorous and witty, brought those teachers and students presented at the conference a academic feast with his solid foundation of professional knowledge, broad field of vision and vivid and lively words and received unanimous welcome and applause.



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