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Climate change and environmental research international cooperation base in science and technology in Fudan University has been recognized by Ministry of Science and Technology.
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        Climate change and environmental research international scientific and technological cooperation base applied to established by Fudan Tyndall Center (Hereinafter referred as “cooperation base”) has officially approved the identification by Ministry of Science and Technology on September 24th, 2013, which has become one of 57 international scientific and technological cooperation demonstration bases which are newly established in this year. It is also another important result achieved by Fudan Tyndall Center in 2013. 
        Fudan Tyndall Center, as the cooperation partner of UK Tyndall Climate Change Research Center, establishes the Fudan climate change and environmental research international scientific and technological cooperation base aiming to provide an interdisciplinary platform for scientists of different cultural backgrounds to jointly carry out the research work and new solutions and suggestions to environment and climate changes for decision-makers. The cooperation base, based on the crossed dominance of arts and science in Fudan University, shall take full advantage of the unique cooperation research mechanism, gather high-efficient interdisciplinary researching forces, focus on the global especially China’s climate and environment changes and play a leading and demonstration role in organizing and enforcing the international cooperation research. By the close relationship between UK Tyndall Climate Change Research Center and other cooperative partners, Fudan University shall learn from advanced foreign experience and strategy to promote its application, extension, development and improvement in China. The cooperation base will devote to the cultivation of researchers of the country in related fields, make them on the basis of professional knowledge and interdisciplinary research experience to jointly conduct research with the government , enterprises and public benefit related parties, to provide state and local governments with effective information and advice from solving the climate and environment change problems in the fields of manufacturing, business, consumption, transportation, construction and so on.
         Research strategy of the cooperation base keeps consistent with the research strategy of the Fudan Tyndall Center, at the same time pays attention to the strategic interests of China. In the strategy, there involves the four interdisciplinary themes which are energy, pollution and health, treatment and behavior and urbanization. Fudan University and UK Tyndall Center shall closely cooperate to ensure the international coordination and cooperation being effectively carried out within the research themes.

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