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General Situation of Environmental Department
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        In the 21st century, mankind will face unprecedented global environmental challenges. Environmental science has become a compelling subject in the world. Environmental protection is a basic national policy of China. In order to adapt to the rapid development of Environmental Science and environmental protection industry in our country, give play to our advantages of running comprehensive universities and cultivate first-class talents of Environmental Science, the Department of Environmental Science and Engineering was built in 1996. Currently, this department has the doctor station of first-class discipline of Environmental Science and Engineering and it can award bachelor, master (Environmental Science, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Management) and doctor (Environmental Science, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Management) degree. Department of Environmental Science and Engineering has a highly educated, young teaching and research team. Now it has 77 faculty and staff, among whom there are 20 professors (including 3 of the Recruitment Program of Global Experts, 1 expert of Thousand Youth Talents Program), 27 associate professors, 17 lecturers, a total of 25 doctoral supervisors. At the same time, it also has hired eight experts and scholars who are well-known at home and abroad as chair professors, consulting professors or part-time professors. At present, the Environment Department also has "First-class discipline post-doctoral mobile stations of Environmental Science and Engineering" and "Shanghai Key Laboratory of Atmospheric Particle Pollution Prevention".
        Undergraduate majors of Environmental Science include six professional directions which are Environmental Chemistry, Atmospheric Environment, Environmental Monitoring, Environmental Ecology, Environmental Planning and Management. The teaching goal of Environmental Science major is to cultivate talents of scientific research, management and teaching who has solid basis, wide knowledge, strong career-ambition and wide adaptability. It emphasizes the basic teaching, practical ability and the cultivation of good scientific quality, and pays attention to expand students' knowledge to help them to gain some understanding of related disciplines of this major and development and application prospect of high and new technology. Graduates are suitable for works related with environmental protection, environmental monitoring, waste management, environmental quality assessment, environmental management, health and epidemic prevention, commodity inspection, etc. Graduates have strong adaptabilities, so they will have many employment choices. At present, this department will recruit more than 60 graduate students and more than 50 undergraduate students (including about 15 doctoral students).
        Environmental Science and Engineering Department takes advantage of strengths of comprehensive and interactive disciplines. Its main discipline directions not only include Environmental Sciences with an emphasis on Atmospheric Chemistry and Environmental Engineering which takes Water Pollution Control as theme, but also include Environmental Economics and Management with population, resources and Environmental Economics as the core and Urban Ecological Planning and Design with Urban Sustainable Development as its theme. Research fields include Environmental Chemistry, Atmospheric Environment, Environmental Monitoring, Pollution Control, Water/Gas Processing Engineering, Urban Ecology, Environmental Design and Urban Planning, Environmental Economics and Management, New Energy and so on, which gradually have formed two significant research subjects characterized by Global Environmental Change and River Pollution Control. In Global Environmental Change Research direction, surrounding key scientific problems involved in the impact of human activities on global environment , the department has carried out many researches in hot fields which are Global Change and Atmospheric Aerosol Chemistry, Aerosol Long-distance Transmission and Heterogeneous Reaction, Atmospheric Trace Gases Observation Technology, Biogeochemical Cycles, Chemical and Light Chemical Contaminant Free Radicals, Global Change of the Social Economy Comprehensive Evaluation, Low Carbon Ecological Urban Planning, Human health and Food Safety under Global Change and so on. In River Pollution Control research direction, surrounding important requirements of Water Resources and Water Security field in our country, the department has carried out many researches which are Rural Domestic Sewage Treatment within the Scope of River Basin, Rural Solid Waste Treatment and Resource Recovery, Farmland Surface Runoff and Low Pollution Water Depth Processing, Eutrophication Control, Water Quality On-line Detection and Monitoring, Basin Atmospheric Sedimentation and its Ecological Effect, Water Environmental Planning and Management and so on.
        In recent six years (since from year 2007), Environmental Science and Engineering Department has successfully applied for 69 funding projects of National Science Foundation of China, including two key projects, two National Outstanding Youth Fund (Class B) and one important subproject. It also received one major subject of science and technology, two "973" project topics, one "973" pre-research project, one sub-topic of "863" project, "863"exploration projects and eleven "11th Five-year Plan" science and technology support projects of Ministry of Science and Technology, one Ford Fund, one Japan World Expo Memorial Fund Project and two major National Social Science Fund Projects. And it has completed 25 national natural science foundation projects and applied for 117 patents among which 45 items have been approved. In recent years, it also has win one Science and Technology Progress Second Award of the Ministry of Education, one Natural Science First Prize, one Science and Technology Progress Second Prize (Promotion category) of Scientific Research Outstanding Achievements of Institutions of Higher Learning, one Science and Technology Progress Second Prize and three Third Prize of Shanghai, one Outstanding Invention Competition Gold Award of Shanghai, one Prize in Decision-making Consultation of Shanghai. In year 2012, it won one National Natural Science Second Prize. In year 2006, scientific research funds first breakthrough 10 million, up to 11.73 million yuan; In year 2007, scientific research funds breakthrough 10 million again, up to 13.259 million yuan; In year 2008, scientific research funds breakthrough 20 million again, up to 21.825 million yuan; In year 2012, the total project funding of science and arts in horizontal and vertical comparison is 33.88 million. Now Environmental Science and Engineering Department has carried out scientific cooperation and academic exchange with more than ten countries such as the United States, Japan, Germany, Britain, Canada, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland and so on. Its international communication is increasingly frequent.

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