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    Our department aims at training high-level professionals who have a good command of the basic theory, knowledge and skill of the environmental science, able to undertake scientific research, teaching, technical exploitation and management in scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, corporations and other service departments.

    Apart from public elective courses, our department sets up 18 required curriculums for undergraduates, such as: environmental chemistry, environmental engineering, environmental monitoring and ecology, and 25 optional curriculums like water pollution control, environmental acts, the municipal greenbelt programming and design. Our department is characterized by its practicability, combining applied courses with related researches as its method of teaching.

    Our department lays great importance upon the training of students’ creativity and practical ability. At present, there are 4 scientific researches of the undergraduates receiving a grant from the school’s Science and Creation Fund. Accumulatively, 3 students has entered and been supported by the Chun-Tsung Scholar Program of the school.

    Our teaching task toward graduates is always consistent with the school’s guidelines- focusing on the quality of the cultivation. In order to bring up high-level scientific and environmental specialists who can meet the requirement of the socialistic development, which is in need of all-round professionals, the department applies itself to building an organized system and creating a flourishing academic atmosphere. The curriculums of graduates are set up catering to the demand of expanding the basic theory and scope of knowledge. Aside from the courses related with the basic fields of the subject, it also introduces a large scale of courses, such as: environmental engineering, environmental economy, ecology and other courses on adjoining subjects or intercross subjects, which fully reflects its characteristics of wide choices and high adaptability to different needs of development.

    The major research fields include: environmental chemistry, studying pollution process chemistry and control, nonpolluting industry, environmental radioactivity etc; atmosphere environment, studying global atmosphere environment, urban atmosphere environment etc; environmental biology, studying life’s surviving mechanism under polluted circumstances, biochemical treatment of pollutants, high efficient use of biological resources etc; urban environmental and ecological research, involving evaluation of environmental influences, environment protection planning, ecological planning, industrial ecological design etc.

    Due to the proper arrangement of courses and the multiple researching directions, the students (undergraduates and graduates) have promising career prospects. There’s an annual increase in the number of graduates taking environment-oriented jobs.



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