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Teaching Situation
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      The teaching work of our department aims at cultivating high-quality professional talents who have good political quality and moral integrity, adapt to the development needs of environmental protection industry in China, can work for government departments, enterprises and institutions, research and consulting institutions and social organizations engaged in scientific research, teaching, technology development and management, and other related environmental protection work. Our department needs students have solid knowledge foundation of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, etc., and master the basic theory, basic knowledge and experimental skills of Environmental Science. In order to improve the ability of analyzing and solving problems and the ability to adapt to the needs of society, students will accept scientific thinking, engineering experiment or social investigation training in the aspect of basic researches and applied researches of the discipline and the related interdisciplines.
      After undergraduates go into school, the primary courses freshmen and sophomores need to learn are general education courses, foundation courses of arts and sciences and compulsory courses for most majors. Compulsory courses include 18 courses which are Environmentology, Ecology, Environmental Biology, Environmental Economics, Environmental Monitoring, Environmental Chemistry, Environmental Planning and Management, Environmental Quality Assessment, Production Practice and so on. Elective courses of major include more than 40 courses which are Environmental Engineering, Environmental Statistics, Air Pollution and Control, Water Pollution and Control, Environmental Law, Environment and Trade and so on.
      Our department pays great attention to cultivate students’ innovative and practical capacity, and encourage undergraduate students to participate in scientific and innovative practical activities such as “Jun Zheng Scholars”, “Wang Dao Scholars”, “Xi Yuan Program”, “Deng Hui Plan”, scientific and innovative program of Youth League Committee and so on.

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