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Environmental Economics and Environmental Management

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 Four Key Fields to Develop

1. Strategy and planning for environment and low-carbon development
(1) The way to low-carbon urbanization
(2) Low-carbon city planning
(3) Low-carbon development strategy
(4) Ecological and environmental planning

2. Environmental policy
(1) The application of economic instruments to environmental management
(2) Social justice and public participation in the environmental field
(3) The application of legal instruments to environmental management

3.  Territorial economics and environmental economics
(1) Basic theory and methods of territorial economics and environmental economics
(2) Transformation of urban development and land use
(3)The application of theories, methods and models of environmental economics to the construction of urban ecosystem service planning and ecological compensation system

4. Strategic environmental assessment


Focus on Three Aspects

The research involves environmental policies, land resources and environmental economics, the strategy and planning of developing low-carbon cities, environmental and ecological planning, strategic environmental assessments, and so on. There are three focuses.

1. Research on fundamental theories
 (1) Study on economics theory about environmental management
 (2) Study on sociological theory about environmental management

2. Study about application and methodology
The research focuses on greenhouse gas reduction, water environment governance and prevention and control of pollution, optimal allocation of environmental resources such as land. The work also involves the study of application and methodology.

3. Serve the government and practice
Get involved in the planning and consultancy of environmental policies, standards and environmental protection system in the areas of energy-saving and emission-reduction, governance of water environment and basin, climate change, environmental protection in urban and rural areas, optimal allocation of land resources and so on.


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