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International Collaboration
International Collaboration

Published:2014-07-08 Hits:5854

The department actively engages in international collaboration with various renowned institutes all over the world, both in research and education. Up to now, more than ten long term collaborations have been established with universities and colleges in US., Canada, Japan, UK., Germany and Nordic countries. The form of collaboration includes, but is not limited to joint summer school, international confenrences, and researchers exchange. In addition, two joint 2+2 programs have been formalized between the department and the School of Chemical Engineering, University of Arizona, and the School of Environmental Science and Engineering, University of East Anglea. Undergraduate student's qualified for these programs will spend two years in Fudan and another two years in one of these institutes. Upon graduation, the students will be awarded two bacholar's degrees from Fudan and the respective university. More 2+2 and 3+2 programs (one bacholar's degree from Fudan and one Master's degree from a foreign university) are under development.

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