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Introduction of the Department

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    Humans are facing the great challenge of dealing with the global environment problems in the 21st century. Environmental science is a discipline now attracting more and more attention, and environmental protection is a basic policy in China. As a compreheversity set up the Department of Environmental Science and Engineering in 1996 in order to meet the needs of the rapid development of environmental science and protection in China, and to train the top experts of this field. At present Department of Envirnsive university, Fudan Unionmental Science and Engineering can award master’s and doctor’s degree with a highly-educated and young teaching and researching team, which includes 19 professors (13 tutors of Ph.D.), 19 associate professors, 18 lecturers. There are 62 registered staff and 6 consulting and adjunct professors who are all well-known experts home and abroad.

    Environmental science can be classified into 6 directions namely environmental chemistry, atmosphere environment, environmental monitoring, environmental ecology and environmental project and management. The major of environmental science is aimed at training the researching, managing and teaching talents with a strong basic knowledge, a wild range of knowledge, great enterprise and good adaptive capacity. The major pays much attention to the theory teaching and the training of ability of practice and keen scientific sense. Emphases are laid on the students’ range of knowledge in order to give them a clear vision of the development and future of these advanced technologies, and to raise their ability of scientific research and technological development. Graduates can be engaged in environmental protection, environmental monitoring, disposal of waste gas, water and industrial residue, environmental quality assessment, environmental management, health epidemic prevention and quality control. With a good adaptive capacity, the graduates have many choices of their future career. At present 60 undergraduate and 50 postgraduate (about 15 doctors) students are enrolled each year.     

    Currently, guided by the discipline development direction and key fields of those first developed industrial application of new and high technologies in China, the department is now applying the original foundation and characteristics of research meanwhile enhancing the cooperation of producing, teaching and researching with the enterprises home and abroad. The related research fields include atmosphere environment, pollution control, cleaner production, environmental materials, environmental project and management, and townscape and ecology. In the past several years the department applied 40 projects (including 4 key ones) of National Nature Science Fund, 1 National Outstanding Youth Fund (B) with 1 key subitem, 1 subject of “973” project, 2 advanced research subjects of “973” project, 1 subitem of “863” project, 11 “863” exploring projects and “11th Five-year” scientific supporting projects by Department of Science, 1 Ford Fund, 1 World’s Fair Fund in Japan, and 2 key projects of National Social and Science Fund. 9 projects of the National Nature Science Fund have been finished. The department has applied for 15 patents, and 12 have been ratified. There is also a second award of Science and Technology Progress by Ministry of Education, a second award and 2 third awards of Science and Technology Progress in Shanghai, 1 award of Decision-making and Consulting and Nature Science in Shanghai. In 2006 the research funding for the first time surpassed 10 million by 11.73 million, and the number went to 21.82463 million in 2008. Now the Department of Environmental Science and Engineering has a extensive cooperation with more then ten countries like US, Japan, Germany, UK, Canada, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and so no.

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