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   The Department of Environmental Science and Engineering was founded in 1996 and its doctoral station was established in 2001. Since then the department has completed 13 projects financed by the National Science Fund, one branch program of the “863 Project”, one project of Ford Fund, one project of Japanese International Exposition Fund and 5 National Science Fund projects in all. The department applied for 15 patents and 12 of them have been filed. In 1999, it was awarded a second prize of Scientific Progress by Ministry of Education, a second and a third prize of Scientific Progress in Shanghai.

    Since the foundation of the department, it has offered 308 BAs, 57 MAs and 16 Ph.D.s. At present, there are 165 undergraduates ( not including the grade of 2005), 71 MA candidates (including MA in engineering) and 30 Ph.D.s.  DESE has been a main source of scientific research endeavors. In the year 2002, the department got a subject treasury of 2 million, increasing by 17% compared to that in 2001. At present, the department is undertaking several researching programs: the key programs of the National Science Fund, programs of the National Science Fund, the branch subject of the key programs of the Shanghai government.

    In DESE there is a rich academic atmosphere. Papers have been published in professional journals such as Environ, Sci&Engri, Science in China, Applied Catalysis B:Environ and Environmental Science in China. Within the year 2000, the department had altogether 58 papers published with 5 in SCI. In 2001, the number was 61 with 9 in SCI. Prof. Dai Xinyi has published The Environment and Developing Economics, The Quality of the Environment: the Cornerstone of the Modern Civilization, Advancing towards Sustainable Development etc; Prof. Wang Xiangrong has published four books(3 coauthored) with Ecology and Environment---A New Theory on cities’ Sustainable Development and Ecological Environmental Control regarded as his representative work; Prof. Wang Yaode coauthored A Guide to Personal Health Care; Prof. Zheng Zhijian Environmental Chemistry.

    Each year large investments are made in the construction of laboratories. In 2001, the fixed assets increased by 130.8 million, in 2002 150.3 million. The labs are equipped with many advanced analytical facilities such as multifunctional water quality analytical instruments, GC/MS etc.

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