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Research papers in 2003
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  1. MH Wong. Special Issue: Environmental and Public Health Management[J]. Chemosphere, 2003, 52(9): 1345-1346.
  2. Song G X, Wang L, Xue H X, et al. A study on n-pentane reactions over peroxodisulfated zirconia and sulfated zirconia solid superacid [J]. Chemical Journal Of Chinese Universities-Chinese Edition, 2003, 24(1): 130-134.
  3. Wang H, Tang X, Wang M, et al. Characteristics of observed trace gaseous pollutants in the Yangtze Delta[J]. Science in China Series D: Earth Sciences, 2003, 46(4): 397-404.
  4. Xue H, Song G, Wang L, et al. Studies of/i-Pentane Reaction on Tungsten Carbides Promoted S2O28/ZrOSolid Superacid Catalysts [J]. Acta Chimica Sinica-Chinese Edition, 2003, 61(2): 208-212.
  5. 宋国新, 王琳, 薛华欣, 等. S2O8 2- 和 SO4 2- 促进 ZrO2 固体超强酸正戊烷反应性能差异的研究[J]. 高等学校化学学报, 2003, 24(1): 130-134.
  6. 罗上华, 马蔚纯, 王祥荣, 等. 城市环境保护规划与生态建设指标体系实证[J]. 生态学报, 2003, 23(1): 45-55.

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