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Research papers in 2004
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  1. Yingxiang D, Jianmin C. Development of a polybrene/polyacrylic acid double coated capillary for capillary electrophoresis and its application[J]. Chinese Journal Of Analytical Chemistry, 2004, 32(10): 1295-1298.
  2. Liu S, Wang X, Fan Z, et al. Molecular Cloning and Characterization of a Novel Cold-regulated Gene from Capsella bursa-pastoris [J]. DNA Sequence-The Journal of Sequencing and Mapping, 2004, 15(4): 262-268.
  3. Jin X Y, Li M, Chen J M, et al. Highly Effective Reduction of 2,3-Dibromocephalomannine Under Ultrasound Irradiation[J]. Chemical Journal Of Chinese Universities-Chinese Edition-, 2004, 25(10): 1860-1862.
  4. Sun Y, Zhuang G, Wang Y, et al. The air-borne particulate pollution in Beijing—concentration, composition, distribution and sources[J]. Atmospheric Environment, 2004, 38(35): 5991-6004.
  5. Wang H F, Xu L H, Sun H F, et al. High binding of formic acid to biomacromolecules in mice[J]. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms, 2004, 223: 745-749.
  6. Xue B, Wang H F, Xu L H, et al. Benzoate derived DNA adduction and its decay in mice measured by AMS[J]. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms, 2004, 223: 765-769.
  7. Hongbo W U, Xiao W, Jianmin C, et al. Mechanism of the heterogeneous reaction of carbonyl sulfide with typical components of atmospheric aerosol[J]. Chinese Science Bulletin, 2004, 49(12).
  8. Lin H X, Li M, Chen J M, et al. Isolation and structure of I‐deoxybaccatin VI from the root of taxus chinensis, rehd. var. mairei[J]. Chinese Journal of Chemistry, 2004, 22(7): 751-756.
  9. Zhu C Z, Ouyang B, Fang H J, et al. Study on the cross-reaction mechanism of aqueous benzene with nitrous acid in dilute solutions by transient absorption spectrum technique [J]. Acta Chimica Sinica-Chinese Edition, 2004, 62(12): 1115-1122.
  10. Yu Y, Geyer A, Xie P, et al. Observations of carbon disulfide by differential optical absorption spectroscopy in Shanghai[J]. Geophysical research letters, 2004, 31(11).
  11. Tang D L, Kawamura H, Van Dien T, et al. Offshore phytoplankton biomass increase and its oceanographic causes in the South China Sea [J]. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 2004, 268: 31-41.
  12. 金晓英, 李明, 陈建民, 等. 超声波下 2", 3"-二溴化三尖杉宁碱的高效还原研究[J]. 高等学校化学学报, 2004, 25(10):1860-1862.
  13. 王寿兵, 张浩, 王祥荣. 区域环境负荷计量的当量因子法 [J]. 中国环境科学, 2004, 24(2): 237-241.

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