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Research papers in 2005
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  1. Wang Y, Zhuang G, Sun Y, et al. Water-soluble part of the aerosol in the dust storm season—evidence of the mixing between mineral and pollution aerosols[J]. Atmospheric Environment, 2005, 39(37): 7020-7029.
  2. Bin Z, Li-Min H N C. A study on the effect of Fraunhofer structure on the measurement of atmospheric pollutants with differential optical absorption spectroscopy[J]. Acta Physica Sinica, 2005, 9: 087.
  3. Chen J, Uyeda H, Lee D I, et al. Establishment of Z‐R relationships for the Baiu precipitation using the window probability matching method[J]. Meteorological Applications, 2005, 12(3): 207-215.
  4. Gao X, Yu Q, Chen L M. Health effects of airborne particulate matter trace elements[J]. Biomedical and environmental sciences, 2005, 18(5): 349.
  5. Zhang T, Liu Y, Fang H H P. Effect of pH change on the performance and microbial community of enhanced biological phosphate removal process[J]. Biotechnology and bioengineering, 2005, 92(2): 173-182.
  6. Zhang T, Ke S Z, Liu Y, et al. Microbial characteristics of a methanogenic phenol-degrading sludge[J]. Water Science & Technology, 2005, 52(1): 73-78.
  7. Liu S, Kong L, Yan X, et al. Synthesis of hierarchically structured MCM-41 with high hydrothermal stability and its application in environmental catalysis[J]. Studies in Surface Science and Catalysis, 2005, 156: 379-384.
  8. Bin Y, JIANG L, Chang-wen H U, et al. Heterogeneous photocatalytic mineralization of chlorobenzene by paratungstate-loaded titania catalysts in an aqueous medium[J]. CHEMICAL RESEARCH IN CHINESE UNIVERSITIES, 2005, 21(4).
  9. Han L, Zhuang G, Sun Y, et al. Local and non-local sources of airborne particulate pollution at Beijing[J]. Science in China Series B: Chemistry, 2005, 48(3): 253-264.
  10. Wang Y, Zhuang G, Tang A, et al. The ion chemistry and the source of PM2.5 aerosol in Beijing [J]. Atmospheric Environment, 2005, 39(21): 3771-3784.
  11. Tang A, Zhuang G, Wang Y, et al. The chemistry of precipitation and its relation to aerosol in Beijing[J]. Atmospheric Environment, 2005, 39(19): 3397-3406.
  12. Kong L, Liu S, Yan X, et al. Synthesis of highly thermally and hydrothermally stable MCM-48 in buffer solution[J]. ACTA CHIMICA SINICA-CHINESE EDITION, 2005, 63(13): 1241.
  13. Cheng T, Lu D, Wang G, et al. Chemical characteristics of Asian dust aerosol from Hunshan Dake Sandland in northern China [J]. Atmospheric Environment, 2005, 39(16): 2903-2911.
  14. Zhang X, Zhuang G, Chen J, et al. Speciation of the elements and compositions on the surfaces of dust storm particles: The evidence for the coupling of iron with sulfur in aerosol during the long-range transport [J]. Chinese Science Bulletin, 2005, 50(8): 738-744.
  15. Cheng T, Lü D, Chen H, et al. Size distribution and element composition of dust aerosol in Chinese Otindag Sandland[J]. Chinese Science Bulletin, 2005, 50(8): 788-792.
  16. Kong L, Liu S, Yan X, et al. Synthesis of hollow-shell MCM-48 using the ternary surfactant templating method[J]. Microporous and mesoporous materials, 2005, 81(1): 251-257.
  17. Kong L, Liu S, Yan X, et al. New templating approach for synthesis of Si-MCM-48 and Al-MCM-48[J]. Studies in Surface Science and Catalysis, 2004, 154: 468-473.
  18. Kong L D, Liu S, Yan X W, et al. Synthesis of MCM-48 single crystals with cube morphology[J]. Chemistry Letters, 2005, 34(4): 568-569.
  19. Wu H, Wang X, Chen J. Photooxidation of carbonyl sulfide in the presence of the typical oxides in atmospheric aerosol[J]. Science in China Series B: Chemistry, 2005, 48(1): 31-37.
  20. Lin H X, Jiang Y, Chen J M, et al. Synthesis and crystal structure of 2-debenzoyl and 4-deacetyl 1-deoxybaccatin VI derivatives[J]. Journal of molecular structure, 2005, 738(1): 59-65.
  21. Jiang Y, Lin H X, Chen J M, et al. Crystallographic determination of stereochemistry of biologically active 2 00, 3 00-dibromo-7-epi-10-deacetylcephalomannine[J]. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters, 2005, 15: 839-842.
  22. Cheng T, Lu D, Chen H, et al. Physical characteristics of dust aerosol over Hunshan Dake sandland in Northern China[J]. Atmospheric Environment, 2005, 39(7): 1237-1243.
  23. Ouyang B, Dong W, Hou H. A laser flash photolysis study of nitrous acid in the aqueous phase[J]. Chemical physics letters, 2005, 402(4): 306-311.
  24. Jiang Y, Lin H X, Li M, et al. Preparation and evaluation of new brominated paclitaxel analogues[J]. Journal of Asian natural products research, 2005, 7(3): 231-236.
  25. Li C, Fu J, Sheng G, et al. Vertical distribution of PAHs in the indoor and outdoor PM2. 5 in Guangzhou, China[J]. Building and Environment, 2005, 40(3): 329-341.
  26. Yuan H, Rahn K A, Zhuang G. Graphical techniques for interpreting the composition of individual aerosol particles[J]. Atmospheric Environment, 2004, 38(39): 6845-6854.
  27. 周斌, 郝楠, 陈立民. 夫琅禾费线对差分光学吸收光谱法测量大气污染气体影响的研究[J]. 物理学报, 2005, 54(9): 4445-4450.
  28. 曹长青, 雷中方, 胡志荣, 等. 反硝化除磷过程中的影响因素探讨[J]. 中国给水排水, 2005, 21(7).
  29. 王晓, 吴洪波, 陈建民. 常压和真空下 CS_2 的光氧化反应[J]. 环境科学, 2005, 26(2): 45-49.
  30. 梁爱玉. 对我国城市污水处理厂建设及运营的建议[J]. 中国给水排水, 2004, 21(2): 100-100.
  31. 梁爱玉. 我国城市污水处理厂建设和运营中存在的问题[J]. 中国给水排水, 2004, 21(1): 106-106.

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