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Research papers in 2006
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  1. H.H.P. Fang, D.W. Liang, T. Zhang, Y. Liu. Anaerobic treatment of phenol in wastewater under thermophilic condition. Water research, 2006, 40:427-434.
  2. Shicheng Zhang, Zhijian Zheng, Jinhe Wang, Jianmin Chen. Heterogeneous photocatalytic decomposition of benzene on lanthanum-doped TiO2 film at ambient temperature. Chemosphere, 2006, 65:2282-2288.
  3. Hao Nan,Zhou Bin,Chen Dan,Chen Limin. Observations of nitrous acid and its relative humidity dependence in Shanghai. Journal of Environmental Sciences, 2006, 18(5):910-915.
  4. Nan Hao, Bin Zhou, Dan Chen, Yi Sun, Song Gao,Limin Chen. Measurements of NO2, SO2, O3, benzene and toluene using differential optical absorption spectroscopy (DOAS) in Shanghai, China. Annali di Chimica, 2006, 96:365-375. 
  5. Ying Wang, Guoshun Zhuang, Yele Sun, Zhisheng An. The variation of characteristics and formation mechanisms of aerosols in dust, haze, and clear days in Beijing. Atmospheric Environment, 2006, 40:6579-6591.
  6. Wenjie Zhang,Yele Sun,Guoshun Zhang,Dongqun Xu. Characteristics and Seasonal Variations of PM2.5,PM10 and TSP Aerosol in Beijing. Biomedical and Environmental Science, 2006, 19:461-468.
  7. Ximei Hou, Guoshun Zhuang, Yele Sun, Zhisheng An. Characteristics and sources of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and fatty acids in PM2.5 aerosols in dust season in China. Atmospheric Environment, 2006, 40:3251-3262.
  8. Ying Wang, Guoshun Zhuang, Xingying Zhang, Kan Huang,Chang Xu, Aohan Tang, Jianmin Chen, Zhisheng An. The ion chemistry,seasonal cycle, and sources of PM2.5 and TSP aerosol in Shanghai. Atmospheric Environment, 2006, 40:2935-2952.
  9. Yele Sun, Guoshun Zhuang, Wenjie Zhang, Ying Wang, Yahui Zhuang. Characteristics and sources of lead pollution after phasing out leaded-gasoline in Beijing. Atmospheric Environment, 2006, 40:2973-2985.
  10. Yele Sun, Guoshun Zhuang, A Aohan Tang, Ying Wang, Zhisheng An. Chemical Characteristics of PM2.5 and PM10 in Haze-fog Episodes in Beijing. Environmental Science Technology, 2006, 40:3148-3155.
  11. Xingying Zhang, Guoshun Zhuang, Jianmin Chen,Ying Wang,Xiao Wang,Zhisheng An,and Peng Zhang. Heterogeneous Reactions of Sulfur Dioxide on Typical Mineral Particles. Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2006, 110:12588-12596.
  12. Xiujuan Zhao , Guoshun Zhuang , Zifa Wang , Yele Sun,Ying Wang , Hui Yuan. Variation of sources and mixing mechanism of mineral dust with pollution aerosol—revealed by the two peaks of a super dust storm in Beijing. Atmospheric Research, 2006, 84:265-279.
  13. XU Yongfu, JIA Long, GE Maofa, DU Lin,WANG Gengchen,WANG Dianxun. A kinetic study of the reaction of ozone with ethylene in a smog chamber under atmospheric conditions. Chinese Science Bulletin, 2006, 51(26):2839-2843.
  14. Ying Wang , Guoshun Zhuang, Shuang Chen , Zhisheng An, Aihua Zheng. Characteristics and sources of formic, acetic and oxalic acids in PM2.5 and PM10 aerosols in Beijing, China. Atmospheric Research, 2006, 84:169-181.
  15. Y Li; Z Lei; Z Zhang; N Sugiura. Effects of nutrient addition on phenol biodegradation rate in biofilm reactors for hypersaline wastewater treatment[J]. Environmental technology, 2006, 27:511-520.  
  16. Tao Ma, Bo Li, Changming Fang , Bin Zhao,Yiqi Luoa,b, Jiakuan Chen. Analysis of physical flows in primary commodity trade -A case study in China. Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 2006, 47:73-81.
  17. Yu Ren, Tiantao Cheng, Jianmin Chen. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in dust from computers: one possible indoor source of human exposure. Atmospheric Environment, 2006, 40:6956-6965.
  18. Xingna Yu, Tiantao Cheng, , Jianmin Chen, Yan Liu. A comparison of dust properties between China continent and Korea, Japan in East Asia. Atmospheric Environment, 2006, 40:5787-5797.
  19. Yu REN, Jin-jun LIAN, Hua-xin XUE, Jian-min CHEN, Tian-tao CHENG. Determination of PAHs in dust from Shanghai by optimized SFE and GC-MS. Annali di Chimica, 2006, 96:669-680.
  20. Jiang Y, Alcaraz AA, Chen JM, Kobayashi H, Lu YJ, Snyder JP. Diastereomers of dibromo-7-epi-10-deacetylcephalomannine - Crowded and cytotoxic taxanes exhibit halogen bonds. Journal of medicinal chemistry, 2006, 49:1891-1899.    
  21. Distribution and Source of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) on Dust Collected in Shanghai,People’s Republic of China. 
  22. Tiantao Cheng, Yan Liu, Daren Lu, Yongfu Xu, Hongyu Li. Aerosol properties and radiative forcing in Hunshan Dake desert, northern China. Atmospheric Environment, 2006, 40:2169-2179.
  23. Xingna Yu, Tiantao Cheng, Jianmin Chen, Yan Liu. Climatology of aerosol radiative properties in northern China. Atmospheric Research, 2006, 84:132-141.
  24. Xiang Li , Ming Zhong, Shifen Xu, Cheng Sun. Determination of phthalates in water samples using polyaniline-basedsolid-phase microextraction coupled with gas chromatography. Journal of Chromatography A, 2006, 1135:101-108.
  25. Xiang Li, Jianmin Chen, Lichun Du. Analysis of chloro- and nitrobenzenes in water by a simple polyaniline-based solid-phase microextraction coupled with gas chromatography. Journal of Chromatography A, 2006, 1140:21-28.
  26. 潘丹霞, 邵春雷,舒小红, 吴奇方,侯惠奇. 流动态甲醇气相光催化降解的机制研究. 化学学报, 2006, 64(11):1126-1132.
  27. 房豪杰,董文博,张仁熙,侯惠奇. 水相中·HS 的光谱表征及其与氧气的反应研究. 物理化学学报, 2006, 22(6):761-763.
  28. 郝楠,周斌,陈立民. 利用差分吸收光谱法测量亚硝酸和反演气溶胶参数. 物理学报, 2006, 55(3):1529-1533.
  29. 陈丹,周斌,郝楠,陈立民. O4对利用天顶散射光法测量大气组分含量的影响研究. 物理学报, 2006, 55(10):5555-5561.
  30. 贾龙,徐永福,葛茂发, 杜林, 王庚辰, 庄国顺. 丙烯的臭氧化反应动力学研究. 物理化学学报, 2006, 22(10):1260-1265.
  31. 朱俊, 董辉, 王寿兵, 王祥荣, 张浩, 樊正球. 长江三峡库区干流水体主要污染负荷来源及贡献. 水科学进展, 2006, 17(5):709-713.
  32. 汤晓敏,王祥荣. 三峡成库前后沿江山水景观空间视觉特征比较. 上海交通大学学报, 2006, 41(5):818-829.
  33. 张浩,汤晓敏,王寿兵,郭林,雍怡,王祥荣. 珠江三角洲快速城市化地区生态安全研究——以佛山市为例. 自然资源学报, 2006, 21(4):615-624.

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