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Research papers in 2008
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  1. Yu X, Cheng T, Yin Y, et al. The influences of heterogeneous reaction on particle optical properties: a laboratory case of SO2 on hematite and hematite-NaCl mixture[C]Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering, 2008. ICBBE 2008. The 2nd International Conference on. IEEE, 2008: 3790-3793.
  2. Huang L, Shen Y, Dong W, et al. A novel method to decompose two potent greenhouse gases: Photoreduction of SF6 and SFCF3 in the presence of propene [J]. Journal of hazardous materials, 2008, 151(2): 323-330.
  3. Cheng T, Zhang R, Han Z, et al. Relationship between ground‐based particle component and column aerosol optical property in dusty days over Beijing [J]. Geophysical Research Letters, 2008, 35(20).
  4. Huang L, Li L, Dong W, et al. Removal of ammonia by OH radical in aqueous phase[J]. Environmental science & technology, 2008, 42(21): 8070-8075.
  5. Xia L, Huang L, Shu X, et al. Removal of ammonia from gas streams with dielectric barrier discharge plasmas [J]. Journal of hazardous materials, 2008, 152(1): 113-119.
  6. Zhang R X, Shen Y, Li P, et al. Investigation of the cross-reaction mechanism of C6H5F-HNO2 aqueous solution irradiated at 355 nm by transient absorbance spectrum technique [J]. Chinese Science Bulletin, 2008, 53(7): 998-1003.
  7. CUI H X, CHENG T T, CHEN J M, et al. A Simulated Heterogeneous Reaction of SOsub2/sub on the Surface of Hematite at Different Temperatures[J]. Acta Physico-Chimica Sinica, 2008, 24(12): 2331-2336.
  8. Cheng T, Peng Y, Feichter J, et al. An improvement on the dust emission scheme in the global aerosol-climate model ECHAM5-HAM[J]. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 2008, 8(4): 1105-1117.
  9. Li J, Zhuang G, Huang K, et al. Characteristics and sources of air-borne particulate in Urumqi, China, the upstream area of Asia dust[J]. Atmospheric Environment, 2008, 42(4): 776-787.
  10. Ye Z L, Shen Y, Xi R Z, et al. Destruction of benzene in an air stream by the outer combined plasma photolysis method [J]. Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 2008, 41(2): 025201.
  11. Li P, Dong W, Zhang R, et al. Different reaction mechanisms of diphenylether and 4-bromodiphenylether with nitrous acid in the 355nm laser flash photolysis of mixed aqueous solution[J]. Chemosphere, 2008, 71(8): 1494-1501.
  12. Guo J, Rahn K A, Zhuang G, et al. Large-scale distribution of elements in Chinese aerosol[J]. China Particuology, 2007, 5(6): 395-400.
  13. Fu Q, Zhuang G, Wang J, et al. Mechanism of formation of the heaviest pollution episode ever recorded in the Yangtze River Delta, China[J]. Atmospheric Environment, 2008, 42(9): 2023-2036.
  14. Yuan H, Zhuang G, Li J, et al. Mixing of mineral with pollution aerosols in dust season in Beijing: Revealed by source apportionment study [J]. Atmospheric Environment, 2008, 42(9): 2141-2157.
  15. ZHANG R X, YE Z L, Shen Y, et al. Photoinduced Oxidation Reaction of Benzotrifluoride with OH Radical by the Laser Flash Method[J]. Chinese Journal of Chemistry, 2008, 26(1): 198-201.
  16. Xia L Y, Gu D H, Tan J, et al. Photolysis of low concentration H2S under UV/VUV irradiation emitted from microwave discharge electrodeless lamps [J]. Chemosphere, 2008, 71(9): 1774-1780.
  17. Xia L, Huang L, Shu X, et al. Removal of ammonia from gas streams with dielectric barrier discharge plasmas [J]. Journal of hazardous materials, 2008, 152(1): 113-119.
  18. Huang K, Zhuang G, Xu C, et al. The chemistry of the severe acidic precipitation in Shanghai, China[J]. Atmospheric Research, 2008, 89(1): 149-160.
  19. Fu H, Zhang S, Zhang L, et al. Visible-light-driven NaTaO3-xNx catalyst prepared by a hydrothermal process [J]. Materials Research Bulletin, 2008, 43(4): 864-872.
  20. Zhang Z, Lei Z, Chen Y. Chemical composition and bioactivity changes in stale rice after fermentation with Cordyceps sinensis [J]. Journal of bioscience and bioengineering, 2008, 106(2): 188-193.
  21. Zhang Z, Lei Z, He X, et al. Nitrate removal by< i> Thiobacillus denitrificans</i> immobilized on poly (vinyl alcohol) carriers[J]. Journal of hazardous materials, 2009, 163(2): 1090-1095.
  22. Hu H, Zhang Z, Lei Z, et al. Comparative study of antioxidant activity and antiproliferative effect of hot water and ethanol extracts from the mushroom Inonotus obliquus [J]. Journal of bioscience and bioengineering, 2009, 107(1): 42-48.
  23. Zhang H, Ye X, Cheng T, et al. A laboratory study of agricultural crop residue combustion in China: Emission factors and emission inventory[J]. Atmospheric Environment, 2008, 42(36): 8432-8441.
  24. Lian J, Ren Y, Chen J, et al. Distribution and source of alkyl polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in dustfall in Shanghai, China: the effect on the coastal area[J]. J. Environ. Monit, 2008, 11(1): 187-192.
  25. Lian J J, Li C L, Ren Y, et al. Determination of Alkyl Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Dustfall by Supercritical Fluid Extraction Followed by Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrum[J]. Bulletin of environmental contamination and toxicology, 2009, 82(2): 189-193.
  26. Fu H, Xu T, Zhu S, et al. Photocorrosion inhibition and enhancement of photocatalytic activity for ZnO via hybridization with C60[J]. Environmental science & technology, 2008, 42(21): 8064-8069.
  27. Li X, Li C, Chen J, et al. Polythiophene as a novel fiber coating for solid-phase microextraction [J]. Journal of Chromatography A, 2008, 1198: 7-13.
  28. Li X, Zhong M, Chen J. Electrodeposited polyaniline as a fiber coating for solid‐phase microextraction of organochlorine pesticides from water[J]. Journal of separation science, 2008, 31(15): 2839-2845.
  29. Chang-Qing C, Li H, Ren-Xi Z, et al. Study on the reaction mechanism of triphenyltin with center dot OH radical in aqueous phase by transient absorption spectra[J]. ACTA CHIMICA SINICA, 2008, 66(1): 112-116.
  30. Zhang Y, Wang X, Chen H, et al. Source apportionment of lead-containing aerosol particles in Shanghai using single particle mass spectrometry[J]. Chemosphere, 2009, 74(4): 501-507.
  31. Zhang H, Ma W, Wang X. Rapid urbanization and implications for flood risk management in hinterland of the Pearl River Delta, China: The Foshan study [J]. Sensors, 2008, 8(4): 2223-2239.
  32. Kong L, Chen H, Hua W, et al. Mesoporous bismuth titanate with visible-light photocatalytic activity[J]. Chemical Communications, 2008 (40): 4977-4979.
  33. Fu H, Zhang S, Xu T, et al. Photocatalytic degradation of RhB by fluorinated Bi2WO6 and distributions of the intermediate products[J]. Environmental science & technology, 2008, 42(6): 2085-2091.
  34. Huang G, Zhang S, Xu T, et al. Fluorination of ZnWO4 photocatalyst and influence on the degradation mechanism for 4-chlorophenol[J]. Environmental science & technology, 2008, 42(22): 8516-8521.
  35. Zhu S, Fu H, Zhang S, et al. Two-step synthesis of a novel visible-light-driven K2Ta2O6-xNx catalyst for the pollutant decomposition [J]. Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry, 2008, 193(1): 33-41.
  36. Hailin W, ZHUANG Y, Ying W, et al. Long-term monitoring and source apportionment of PM2. 5/PM10 in Beijing, China [J]. Journal of Environmental Sciences, 2008, 20(11).
  37. Cao A L, Zhang H, Zhang Y, et al. Decadal changes of air temperature in Shanghai in recent 50 years and its relation to urbanization[J]. Chinese Journal of Geophysics (in Chinese), 2008, 51(6): 1663-1669.
  38. 曹长青, 叶招莲, 黄丽, 等. 瞬态吸收光谱研究水相中三丁基锡与· OH 自由基反应机理[J]. 科学通报, 2008, 53(14): 1640-1644.

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