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Research papers in 2009
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  1. Li L, Liu Y. Ammonia removal in electrochemical oxidation: mechanism and pseudo-kinetics [J]. Journal of hazardous materials, 2009, 161(2): 1010-1016.(IF=4.144)
  2. Hu H, Zhang Z, Lei Z, et al. Comparative study of antioxidant activity and antiproliferative effect of hot water and ethanol extracts from the mushroom [J]. Journal of bioscience and bioengineering, 2009, 107(1): 42-48.(IF=1.749)
  3. Lian J J, Li C L, Ren Y, et al. Determination of Alkyl Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Dust fall by Supercritical Fluid Extraction Followed by Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrum[J]. Bulletin of environmental contamination and toxicology, 2009, 82(2): 189-193.
  4. Zhou B, Yang S N, Wang S S, et al. Determination of an effective trace gas mixing height by differential optical absorption spectroscopy (DOAS)[J]. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques Discussions, 2009, 2(4): 1663-1692.
  5. Li M, Chen H, Yang X, et al. Direct quantification of organic acids in aerosols by desorption electrospray ionization mass spectrometry[J]. Atmospheric Environment, 2009, 43(17): 2717-2720. (IF=3.139)
  6. Li M, Chen H, Wang B F, et al. Direct quantification of PAHs in biomass burning aerosols by desorption electrospray ionization mass spectrometry[J]. International Journal of Mass Spectrometry, 2009, 281(1): 31-36.(IF=2.117)
  7. Hou X, Zhuang G, Lin Y, et al. Emission of fine organic aerosol from traditional charcoal broiling in China[J]. Journal of atmospheric chemistry, 2008, 61(2): 119-131.(IF=1.427)
  8. Wang X, Gao S, Yang X, et al. Evidence for high molecular weight nitrogen-containing organic salts in urban aerosols[J]. Environmental science & technology, 2010, 44(12): 4441-4446.
  9. Gao X, Yu Q, Gu Q, et al. Indoor air pollution from solid biomass fuels combustion in rural agricultural area of Tibet, China[J]. Indoor air, 2009, 19(3): 198-205. (IF=2.891)
  10. Li Y, Zhang Z, Lei Z, et al. Influence of metal addition on ethanol production with Pichia stipites ATCC 58784[J]. Journal of industrial microbiology & biotechnology, 2009, 36(4): 491-497. (IF=4.144)
  11. Liu Y, Li L, Goel R. Kinetic study of electrolytic ammonia removal using Ti/IrO2 as anode under different experimental conditions [J]. Journal of hazardous materials, 2009, 167(1): 959-965. (IF=4.144)
  12. CUI H, CHENG T, YU X, et al. Laboratory simulation of SO2 heterogeneous reactions on hematite surface under different SO2 concentrations [J]. Journal of Environmental Sciences, 2009, 21(8): 1103-1107. (IF=1.412)
  13. Zhang Z, Lei Z, He X, et al. Nitrate removal by Thiobacillus denitrificans immobilized on poly (vinyl alcohol) carriers[J]. Journal of hazardous materials, 2009, 163(2): 1090-1095. (IF=4.144)
  14. Hu L, Zhang G, Zheng B, et al. Occurrence and distribution of organochlorine pesticides (OCPs) in surface sediments of the Bohai Sea, China[J]. Chemosphere, 2009, 77(5): 663-672. (IF=3.253)
  15. Guo Z, Lin T, Zhang G, et al. Occurrence and sources of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and n-alkanes in PM2.5 in the roadside environment of a major city in China[J]. Journal of hazardous materials, 2009, 170(2): 888-894. (IF=4.144)
  16. Song X, Liu X, Ye Z, et al. Photodegradation of SF6  on polyisoprene surface: Implication on elimination of toxic byproducts [J]. Journal of hazardous materials, 2009, 168(1): 493-500. (IF=4.144)
  17. Fu H, Xu T, Yang S, et al. Photoinduced Formation of Fe (III) − Sulfato Complexes on the Surface of α-Fe2O3 and Their Photochemical Performance [J]. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2009, 113(26): 11316-11322. (IF=4.224)
  18. Ye Z L, Cao C Q, He J C, et al. Photolysis of organic pollutants in wastewater with 206nm UV irradiation[J]. Chinese Chemical Letters, 2009, 20(6): 706-710. (IF=0.643)
  19. Yang S, Fu H, Sun C, et al. Rapid photocatalytic destruction of pentachlorophenol in F–Si-comodified TiO2 suspensions under microwave irradiation[J]. Journal of hazardous materials, 2009, 161(2): 1281-1287. (IF=4.144)
  20. Li J, Wang X, Wang X, et al. Remote sensing evaluation of urban heat island and its spatial pattern of the Shanghai metropolitan area, China[J]. Ecological Complexity, 2009, 6(4): 413-420. (IF=2.04)
  21. Yu Q, Zhang Y, Wang X, et al. Safety distance assessment of industrial toxic releases based on frequency and consequence: A case study in Shanghai, China[J]. Journal of hazardous materials, 2009, 168(2): 955-961. (IF=4.144)
  22. Yang F, Chen H, Wang X, et al. Single particle mass spectrometry of oxalic acid in ambient aerosols in Shanghai: Mixing state and formation mechanism[J]. Atmospheric Environment, 2009, 43(25): 3876-3882. (IF=3.139)
  23. Kong L, Chen H, Tai J, et al. Synthesis of small crystal zeolite beta in a biphasic H2O–CTAB–alcohol system [J]. Materials Letters, 2009, 63(2): 343-345. (IF=1.940)
  24. Mu R, He Y, Liu S, et al. The Algicidal characteristics of one algae-lysing FDT5 bacterium on Microcystis aeruginosa [J]. Geomicrobiology Journal, 2009, 26(7): 516-521. (IF=1.708)
  25. Li J, Zhuang G, Huang K, et al. The chemistry of heavy haze over Urumqi, Central Asia[J]. Journal of atmospheric chemistry, 2008, 61(1): 57-72. (IF=1.427)
  26. Chen D, Zhou B, Beirle S, et al. Tropospheric NO 2 column densities deduced from zenith-sky DOAS measurements in Shanghai, China, and their application to satellite validation[J]. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 2009, 9(11): 3641-3662. (IF=4.881)
  27. Wang Y, Wu Z M, Wang X R. Urban forest landscape patterns in Ma'an shan City, China[J]. International Journal of Sustainable Development & World Ecology, 2009, 16(5): 346-355. (IF=0.525)
  28. 叶兴南, 陈建民. 大气二次细颗粒物形成机理的前沿研究 [J]. 化学进展, 2009, 21(2).
  29. 刘静, 王梓萌, 沈建东, 等. 挥发性有机污染物光催化氧化动力学中的L2H 模型 [J]. 化学进展, 2009, 21(10): 2037-2043.
  30. 王珊珊, 周斌, 叶庆,等. 车载被动差分吸收光谱在城市道路空气污染监测中的应用[J]. 光学学报, 2009, 29(10): 2645-2649.

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