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Research papers in 2010
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  1. C. Deng, G. Zhuang, K. Huang, J. Li, R. Zhang, Q. Wang, Y. Sun, Z. Guo, Z.Wang and Z. Wang. Chemical characterization of aerosols at the summit of Mountain Tai in the middle of central east China. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions, 2010, 10:20975-21021.
  2. Sun, X., Zhang, B., He, L., Hou, H.Q., Zhang, R.X. Photolysis of H2S with interior microwave discharge electrodeless lamps. Chinese Chemical Letters, 2010, 21:968-972.(IF=0.775)
  3. Tang, X.F., Li, J.H., Hao, J.M., Significant enhancement of catalytic activities of manganese oxide octahedral molecular sieve by marginal amount of doping vanadium. Catalysis Communications, 2010, 11(10):871-875.(IF=2.827)
  4. Li, X., Gangfeng Ouyang,Heather Lord, Janusz Pawliszyn. Theory and Validation of Solid-Phase Microextraction and Needle Trap Devices for Aerosol Sample. Analytical Chemistry, 2010, 82:9521-9527.(IF=5.712)
  5. Li, X., Wang, H., Sun, W.J., Ding, L. Desorption Corona Beam Ionization Coupled with Poly(dimethylsiloxane) Substrate: Broadening the Application of Ambient Ionization for Water Sample. 2010, 82:9188-9193.(IF=5.712)
  6. Zhao, Q., Yu, Q., Chen, L.M. Particulate matter and particle-bound polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the Dapu road tunnel in Shanghai. International Journal of Environment and Pollution, 2010, 41(12):21-37.(IF=0.626)
  7. Zhang,Y., Yu, Q., Ma, W.C. Chen. L.M. Influence of Continental Outflows on Marine Aerosols over Xiaoyangshan Island in the East China Sea An Episode of Heavy Air Pollution. Terrestrial Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, 2010, 21(6):939-953.
  8. Zhang, H., Zhou, L.G., Chen, M.N, and Ma, W.C. Urban Land-use Zoning Based on Ecological Evaluation for Large Conurbations in Less Developed Regions: a Case Study in Foshan, China. Journal of Urban Planning and Development, 2010, 136(2):116-124.(IF=0.8539)
  9. Huang, L.C., Ye, S.H., Gu, X., Cao, F.C. Fan, Z.Q., Wang, X.R., Wu, Y.S. and Wang, S.B. A sustainable landscape ecosystem design: a case study. Annals of The New York Academy of Sciences, 2010, 1195:154-163.(IF=2.847)
  10. Wang, X.F., Gao, S. Yang, X., Chen, H., Chen, J.M., Zhuang, G.S., et al. Evidence for High Molecular Weight Nitrogen-Containing Organic Salts in Urban Aerosols. Environmental Science & Technology, 2010, 44(12):4441-4446.(IF=4.827)
  11. Yang, F.. Wang, X.N., Zhang, Y.P., Wang, X.F., Chen, H., Yang, X. and Chen, J.M. Real-time, single-particle measurements of ambient aerosols in Shanghai. Frontiers of Chemistry in China, 2010, 5(3):331-341.
  12. Yang, X.Y., Jin,W. GIS-based spatial regression and prediction of water quality in river networks: A case study in Iowa. Journal of Environmental Management, 2010, 91:1943-1951.(IF=2.596)
  13. Liu, S.X., Fu, Z.P., Mu, R.M., Hu, Z.B., Wang, F.J., Wang, X.R. Expression and characterization of Momordica Chanrantia anti-hyperglycaemic peptide in Escherichia coli. Molecular Biology Reports, 2010, 37(4):1781-1786.(IF=1.75)
  14. Zhang, W.J., Zhuang, G.S. Huang, K., Li, J. et al. Mixing and transformation of Asian dust with pollution in the two dust storms over the northern China in 2006. Atmospheric Environment, 2010, 44:3394-3403.(IF=3.226)
  15. Zhang, S.C., Cai, L.S. et al. Field Air Sampling and Simultaneous Chemical and Sensory Analysis of Livestock Odorants with Sorbent Tubes and GC-MS/Olfactometry. Sensors & Actuators B: Chemical, 2010, 146:427-432.(IF=3.028)
  16. Dong, W.Y., Lee, C.W., Lu, X.C., Sun, Y.J. et al. Synchronous role of coupled adsorption and photocatalytic oxidation on ordered mesoporous anatase TiO2-SiO2 nanocomposites generating excellent degradation activity of RhB dye. Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 2010, 95(3-4):197-207.(IF=4.749)
  17. Lei, Z.F., Huang, Y.G., et al. Impact of nitrification inhibitor on nitrogen removal and related enzyme activities during soil infiltration treatment of domestic wastewater. Japanese Journal of Water Treatment Biology, 2010, 46(1):35-45.
  18. Lei, Z.F., Chen, J.Y., Zhang, Z.Y. et al. Methane production from rice straw with acclimated anaerobic sludge: Effect of phosphate supplementation. Bioresource Technology, 2010, 101:4343-4348.(IF=4.365)
  19. Ye, X.N., Ma, Z., Hu, D.W., Yang, X., Chen, J.M. Size-resolved hygroscopicity of submicrometer urban aerosols in Shanghai during wintertime. Atmospheric Research, 2010, 99(2):353-364.(IF=1.597)
  20.  Hu, D.W., Qiao, L.P., Chen, J.M. et al. Hygroscopicity of Inorganic Aerosols: Size and Relative Humidity Effects on the Growth Factor. Aerosol and Air Quality Research, 2010, 10(3):255-264.(IF=1.792)
  21. Wang, L., Liu, Y., Li, J., Liu, X. et al. Effects of Ni2+ on the Characteristics of Bulking Activated Sludge. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 2010, 181(1-2):460-467.(IF=3.723)
  22. Yin, H.F., Ma, Z., Zhu, H.G., Chi, M.F., Dai, S. Evidence for and Mitigation of the Encapsulation of Gold Nanoparticles within SiO2 Matrix upon Calcining Au/SiO2 Catalysts at High Temperatures: Implication to Catalyst Deactivation. Applied Catalysis A: General, 2010, 386:147-156.(IF=3.383)
  23. Ma, Z.,Yin, H.F., Dai, S. Influence of Preparation Methods on the Performance of Metal Phosphate-Supported Gold Catalysts in CO Oxidation. Catalysis Letters, 2010, 138:40-45.(1.907)
  24. Yin, H.F., Ma, Z., Chi, M.F., Dai, S. Activation of Dodecanethiol-Capped Gold Catalysts for CO Oxidation by Treatment with KMnO4 or K2MnO4. Catalysis Letters, 2010, 136:209-221.(IF=1.907)
  25. Li, H.Y., Han, Z.W., Cheng, T.T. Du, H.H. Agricultural Fire Impacts on the Air Quality of Shanghai during Summer Harvesttime. Aerosol and Air Quality Research, 2010, 10(2):95-101.(IF=1.792)
  26. Wang, W.J., Cheng, T.T., Zhang, R.J. et al. Insights into an Asian dust event sweeping Beijing during April 2006: Particle chemical composition, boundary layer structure, and radiative forcing. Journal of Geophysical Research, 2010, 115:1-18.(IF=3.303)
  27. Zhang, M., Wang, X.M., Chen, J.M. et al. Physical characterization of aerosol particles during the Chinese New Year’s firework events. Atmospheric Environment, 2010, 44(39):5191-5198.(IF=3.226)
  28. Zhang, M., Chen, J.M., Wang, T., Cheng, T.T. et al. Chemical characterization of aerosols over the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean during two cruises in 2007 and 2008. Journal of Geophysical Research, 2010, 115:1-15.(IF=3.303)
  29. Cheng, T.T., Han, Z.W., Zhang, R.J. et al. Black carbon in a continental semi‐arid area of Northeast China and its possible sources of fire emission. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 2010, 115:1-14.
  30. Li, X., Ouyang, G., Heather Lord. et al. Theory and Validation of SPME and Needle Trap Devices for Aerosol Sample Analytical Chemistry. Analytical Chemistry, 2010, 82:9521-9527.(IF=5.712)
  31. Ren, J., Ma, Q.W., Huang, H.H, Wang, X.X. Oxidative Degradation of Microcystin-lr by Combination of UV/H2O2. Fresenius Environmental Bulletin, 2010, 19(12):3037-3044.
  32. Zhang, J., Zhao, D.S., Ma, Z.,Wang Y.N. Phase-Boundary Photocatalytic Oxidation of Dibenzothiophene Over Amphiphilic Ti-MCM-41 Molecular Sieve. Catalysis Letters, 2010, 138:111-115.(IF=1.907)

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