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Yutao Wang
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Yutao Wang, PhD, Professor (Young)


      Address: Department of Environmental Science and Engineering, Handan Road 220, Shanghai 200433, China


Education and work experience

     • 2015/12-2016/12,UTK/ORNL Climate Change Science Institute  Visiting Assistant Professor

     • 2015/03-2015/06,EU Erasmus Mundus Scholar- Environmental Science, Policy and Management (MESPOM)

     •  2011/07–2016/12,Shandong University, Assistant Professor

     • 2006/09–2011/06,Shandong University(Joint trained by IIIEE, LUND UNIVERSITY), PhD

     • 2002/09–2006/06,Shandong University, Bachelor


Research interests

       Urban complex eco-system simulation and application, cleaner production and circular economy, ecological capital and ecological compensation, climate policy and adaptation, sustainability assessment.


Professional services

     1. Co-Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Cleaner Production 2017.5-now;

     2. Subject Editor, Journal of Cleaner Production, 2013.1-2015.12;

     3. Special issue editor, Resources, Conservation and Recycling

     4. Special issue editor, Journal of Cleaner Production

     5. Member of ESC, ESA, AAAS, ISIE, ISEE, CSIE, ESP


Research Projects (Chair, ongoing)

    [1] Introduction Talent Plan of Fudan University (2017.1 -2019.12)

    [2] NSFC (No. 71403145, 2015.1~2017.12)


Selected recent publications

Yutao Wang, Mingxing Sun*, Baimin Song. Public perceptions of and willingness to pay for sponge city initiatives in China. Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 2017(122):11–20. (SCI, IF=3.280)

• Xuechun Yang, Feng Lou, Mingxing Sun, Renqing Wang*, Yutao Wang*. Study of the relationship between greenhouse gas emissions and the economic growth of Russia based on the Environmental Kuznets Curve. Applied Energy. 2017, 193: 162-173. (SCI, IF= 5.746)

• Chengdong Wang, Shenyan Zhang, Wanglin Yan, Renqing Wang, Jian Liu, Yutao Wang*. Evaluating renewable natural resources flow and net primary productivity with a GIS-Emergy approach: A case study of Hokkaido, Japan. Scientific Reports 2016, 6:37552 (IF=5.228)

Yutao Wang*, Xuechun Yang, Mingxing Sun, Lei Ma, Xiao Li, Lei Shi*. Estimating carbon emissions from the pulp and paper industry: A case study. Applied Energy, 184 (2016) 779–789 (IF= 5.746)

• Chengdong Wang, Yutao Wang*, Yong Geng, Renqing Wang, Junying Zhang. Measuring regional sustainability with an integrated social-economic-natural approach: a case study of the Yellow River Delta region of China. Journal of Cleaner Production, 2016 (114): 189–198  (IF=4.959)

Yutao Wang∗, Mingxing Sun, Renqing Wang, Feng Lou. Promoting regional sustainability by eco-province construction in China: A critical assessment. Ecological Indicators, 2015 (51): 127–138, (IF=3.19)

• Mingxing Sun, Xuechun Yang, Donald Huisingh, Renqing Wang, Yutao Wang*. Consumer behavior and perspectives concerning spent household battery collection and recycling in China: a case study. Journal of Cleaner Production, 2015(107):775–785. (IF=4.959)


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