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CHEN Jianmin
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CHEN Jianmin, Ph.D., Professor

Tel: 021-65642298

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Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry, July 1993, Fudan University

M.S. in Analytical Chemistry, July 1990, Fudan University

B.S. in Analytical Chemistry, July 1985, Anhui University of Technology



May 2007 ~ Now  Board Member of  the Committee of University Affairs, Fudan Univ

Apr 2004 ~ Oct 2009  Dean of the Dept Environm Sci & Engn, Fudan Univ

May 1998 ~ Mar 2004  Deputy Dean of the Dept Environm Sci & Engn, Fudan Univ

May 1999 ~ Jun 1999  Partner of the “Educate the Educators” program organized by UNEP and Lund Univ, Sweden

Mar 1996 ~ Apr 1997  Visiting Professor in the Univ Pittsburgh, USA

Oct 1994 ~ Mar 1996  Deputy Dean of the Dept Chem, Fudan Univ

Nov 1995 ~ Dec 1995  Research Fellow, Tokyo Univ and Osaka Univ, Japan



Environmental Chemistry, Atmospheric Aerosol Chemistry, Bio-fuel

  One of Dr. Chen’s interests is aerosol science and its impact on climate change. Atmospheric particles or aerosols play an important role in affecting climate, human health and many aspects of earth environment. Recently, heterogeneous interactions between gaseous molecules and wet or dry aerosol particles’ surfaces have gained considerable interest since they have the potential to significantly alter the gas phase chemistry of the atmosphere. CS2, COS, DMS and SO2 are very important atmospheric sulfur-containing compounds. It is well accepted that the atmospheric reaction of CS2 with HO• is an important source of COS as well as the dominant sink of CS2 in the atmosphere. Prof. Chen’s team found that the catalytic oxidation of CS2 over atmospheric particles or mixed aerosols may be an important way of the conversion from CS2 or COS to sulfate close to the Earth’s surface (Environ. Sci. Technol. 2001, 2007). The adsorption of SO2 on the α-Fe2O3 surface results in the formation of sulfate complexes (J. Phys. Chem. C, 2007, 2009). 

  In his group, a series of advanced instruments has been recently built up such as Aerosol Chamber, Monitoring instrument for AeRosols and Gases (MARGA), Wide-range Particle Spectrometer, TDMA, Laser-CRD, Nephelometer, ATOFMS, GC-MS, DESI-MSn to investigate the real aerosol size distribution, hygroscopity, single particle property and chemical composition. The simulation of biomass burning found that the agricultural crop residue combustion in China causes serious pollution with CO, NOx, fine particles emissions (Atmos. Environ., 2008). The dustfall in Shanghai has an important contribution to PAHs and Alkyl PAHs (J. Environ. Monitoring, 2009). Dr. Chen’s team is now focusing on field measurement and the formation mechanism of haze and the haze climate effect is mainly being studied in his group. It was found that particulate nitrate formation in a highly polluted urban area in Shanghai behaviors a quite difference depending on the ammonia-rich or -poor aerosol (Environ. Sci. Technol., 2009).  Dr.Chen is interested in Bio-fuel also. 

  Dr. Chen has published over 90 papers, 16 Chinese patents, 3 co-edited  books.



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Excellent Academic Leader of Shanghai, STCSM, 2013

Baosteel Excellent Teacher Award, Baosteel Education Foundation, 2010

Invention & Entrepreneurship Award, China Association of Inventions, 2010

The 2nd Rank Award for the Advancement of Science & Technology, STCSM, 2009

The 2nd Rank Award for the Application Advancement of Science & Technology, Ministry of Education of China, 2009

The 1st  Rank Award of Natural Sciences, Ministry of Education of China, 2008

The 2nd Rank Award of Natural Sciences, STCSM, 2006

The 2nd Rank Teaching Award, the Committee of Education of Shanghai, 2005

The Outstanding Supervisor for Graduates, Fudan University, 2004

The 2nd Rank Patent Award (Shanghai), 2004

The Leading Scientist of Science & Technology of Shanghai, 2002

The 1st Rand Award for R&D (Shanghai), 2001

The 2nd Rank Award for the Advancement of Science & Technology, Ministry of Education of China, 1999

Distinguished Youth Professor of Shanghai, 1999

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