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ZHUANG Guoshun
Published:2014-06-07 Hits:1754

Dr. G. Zhuang is a Distinguish Professor of Fudan University.

He received Ph.D. in atmospheric chemistry from University of Rhode Island in 1990. His research focuses on the atmospheric aerosol and its impact on air quality and global change. He has proposed and demonstrated the mechanism of coupling and feedback between iron and sulfur in air-sea exchange, and revealed that the variation of iron in aerosol during the longrange transport is the important path of the global biogeochemical cycle. He has demonstrated the mixing and interaction of Asian dust with the anthropogenic aerosol and its impact on the downstream urban air-quality and global change, and revealed the formation mechanism of the heavy haze and the role of the long-range transport of aerosol in it. His group was awarded the second rank National Natural Science Award (2012).  

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