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SONG Weihua
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Phone: (+86)15821951698  


Lab: Environmental Science Building, Room 139, 141.

Office: Building #11, Room 211.

Mailing address:

Weihua Song, Prof.

Department of Environmental Science & Engineering

Fudan University

220 Handan Road, Yangpu

Shanghai, P. R. China 200433



08/2002 --- 12/2006    Ph.D. Organic/Environmental Chemistry

                                    Florida International University/ United States

                                    Thesis Title: Advanced Oxidation of Cyanotoxins and Odor Compounds from Cyanobacteria

09/1999 --- 07/2002    M.S. Environmental Engineering

                                   Nanjing University/ P.R. China

                                   Thesis Title: Electron Beam Irradiation Degradation of Chlorophenols and Disinfection-By-Products in                                                Drinking Water

09/1995 --- 07/1999    B.S. Environmental Science

                                   Nanjing University/ P.R. China



01/2011 --- Current    Professor at Fudan University, Shanghai, China

06/2012 --- 09/2012    Visiting Scholar at University of California, Irvine

04/2011 --- 07/2011    Visiting Scholar at University of California, Irvine

01/2010 --- 12/2010    Research Associate at University of California, Irvine

01/2007 --- 12/2009    Postdoctoral Fellow at University of California, Irvine



The goal of my research is to understand key chemical processes of current environmental problems. Specifically, I am interested in the reactivity, transformation and fate of emerging contaminants in natural and engineered environments. As the variety and quantity of synthetic chemicals and new materials in use continue to grow, our environment is being affected by ever-increasing number of contaminant agents. The organic emerging contaminants that have been my focus include natural toxins, endocrine disruptor compounds (EDCs), pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCPs). These compounds can potentially exhibit adverse ecological impacts and have raised concern among public and regulatory groups about the fate of such compounds in natural aquatic environments and their removal during drinking water, wastewater and water treatment for reuse.

I am principally interested in the Advanced Oxidation / Reduction Processes (AO/RPs) for the removal of emerging contaminants from drinking water and wastewater. AO/RPs are alternatives to traditional treatment and have recently received considerable attention for removal of organic pollutants. AO/RPs typically involve the formation of hydroxyl radicals (•OH) as oxidizing species and either hydrated electrons (e-aq) or hydrogen atoms (H•) as reducing species, which can all be utilized in the destruction of organic pollutants present in drinking or wastewater. One of my strong interests is to elucidate the fundamental kinetics and mechanisms of transformation reactions involving these emerging contaminants under AO/RPs.

Additionally, the environmental fate of natural toxins, EDCs and PPCPs in natural water is attracting increasing attention. In surface waters, while biodegradation may be important, it is likely that aboitic processes, such as photo transformation may actually has a greater impact on reducing aqueous concentration of these contaminants. I am mainly interested in the photochemical fate of these emerging contaminants and their fundamental degradation mechanism. My research interests will include directly, indirectly photodegradation of emerging contaminants, the formation of reactive oxygen species (·OH, 1O2, O2·-) during photosensitized oxidation and their reaction pathways with chemical pollutants. My ultimate goal is to build the knowledge basis that allows us to predict the environmental fate of numerous potential contaminants.


      · Professorship of Special Appointment (Eastern Scholar) 2012-2015

      · Editorial Board of The Scientific World Journal, 2012-current

      · Editorial Board of Journal of Waste Management, 2012-current

      · Member of International Water Association, 2013-current

      · Member of Sigma Xi, Scientific Research Society, 2008-current

      · Member of American Chemical Society, 2003-current

      · Florida International University Presidential Dissertation Fellowship, 2006

      · South Florida ACS Travel Award 2005

      · Florida International University Presidential Fellowship 2002-2005


· Applied Catalysis A: General

· Applied Catalysis B: Environmental

· Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology

· Chemical Engineering Journal

· Chemosphere

· Environmental Chemistry

· Environmental Chemistry Letters

· Environmental Engineering Science

· Environmental International

· Environmental Science & Pollution Research

· Environmental Science & Technology

· Environmental Technology

· Fresenius Environmental Bulletin

· Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research

· International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health

· Journal of Advanced Oxidation Technologies

· Journal of Applied Phycology

· Journal of Chemical Technology & Biotechnology

· Journal of Hazardous Materials

· Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry

· Journal of Physical chemistry: A

· Toxicon

· Water, Air, & Soil Pollution                                   

· Water Research       

· Science of the total Environment

· Scientia Iranica  


         2015-2017    Radical chemistry in aquatic environment. National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC-                                                        21422702, PI).1.0 M Yuan. ($160K)

         2014-2017    Mechanistic study of the indirect photodegradation of antibiotics in the wastewater effluents, National                                                 Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC-21377030, PI) 830k Yuan ($135K)

         2013-2105    Start up for professorship of special appointment (Eastern Scholar) 400k Yuan ($64.5K)

         2012-2014    Photochemical fate of microcystins in the aqueous environment. Pujiang Talent, Science & Technology                                               Commission of Shanghai Municipality. (12PJ1400800, PI) 200K Yuan ($32K)

         2012-2104    Photo-transformation of Cyanotoxins in the Aqueous Environment, National Natural Science Foundation                                             of China (NSFC-21107016, PI) 270k Yuan ($43.2K)

         2011-2013    Start-up funding from Fudan University (PI) 1.2 million Yuan ($192K)

         2010-2013    Photochemical Fate of Pharmaceutically Active Compounds in Simulated and Natural Surface Waters, US                                         National Science Foundation (CBET-1034555, co-PI with William J. Cooper) $360K


I has co-authored more than 40 research papers, including Environ. Sci. Technol. (10); Water Research (10), J. Physical Chem. A (4). Please find my full publication and citation record at Researcher ID:

1. Danning Zhang, Shuwen Yan, and Weihua Song*. Photochemically Induced Formation of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) from Effluent Organic Matter. Environmental Science & Technology, 2014,

2. Shuwen Yan, Danny Zhang, and Weihua Song*. Mechanistic considerations of photosensitized transformation of microcystin-LR (cyanobacterial toxin) in aqueous environments. Environmental Pollution, 2014, 193, 111-118.

3. Shuwen Yan and Weihua Song*. Photo-transformation of pharmaceutically active compounds in the aqueous environment: A review. Environmental Science: Processes and Impacts, 2014, 16, 697-720. (Invited Review)

4. Wenli Yang, Sihem Ben Abdelmelek, Zheng Zheng*, Taicheng An, Danny Zhang, and Weihua Song*. Photochemical transformation of terbutaline (pharmaceutical) in simulated nature waters: kinetics studies and degradation mechanisms. Water Research, 2013, 47, 6558-6565.

5. Hui Yu, Er Nie, Jun Xu, Shuwen Yan, William J. Cooper, and Weihua Song*. Free-radical-induced Oxidative and Reductive Degradation of Diclofenac: Kinetic Studies, Degradation Pathways and Toxicity Assessments. Water Research, 2013, 47, 1909-1918.

6.  Weihua Song*, Shuwen Yan, William J. Cooper, Dionysios D. Dionysiou, and Kevin E. O’Shea*. Hydroxyl Radical Oxidation of Cylindrospermopsin (Cyanobacteria Toxin) and its Role in the Photochemical Transformation. Environmental Science & Technology, 2012, 46, 12608-12615. 

7.  Xingzhang Luo*, Zheng Zheng, John Greaves, William J. Cooper, and Weihua Song*. Trimethoprim: Kinetic and Mechanistic Considerations in Photochemical Environmental Fate and AOP Treatment. Water Research, 2012, 46, 1327-1336.

8.  Sihem Ben Abdelmelek, John Greaves, Kenneth P. Ishida, William J. Cooper, and Weihua Song*. Removal of pharmaceutical and personal care products from reverse osmosis retentate using advanced oxidation processes. Environmental Science & Technology, 2011, 45, 3665-3671.

9.  Haomin Xu, William J. Cooper, Jinyoung Jung, and Weihua Song*. Photosensitized degradation of amoxicillin in natural organic matter isolate solutions. Water Research, 2011, 45, 632-638.

10. Joonseon Jeong, William J. Cooper, Jinyoung Jung*, and Weihua Song*. Degradation mechanisms and kinetic studies for the treatment of X-ray contrast media compounds by advanced oxidation/reduction processes. Water Research, 2010, 44, 4391-4398.    

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