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【lecture】Research progress on wastewater treatment & biomass conversion (2012-2015)
Published:2015-06-01 Hits:596

Speaker: Zhongfang Lei


Associate professor, faculty of life and environmental sciences, University of Tsukuba, Japan

Time: June 3rd (Wednesday), 10:00a.m.

Venue: Room 1, Yifu Building of Sci&Tech



In this seminar Dr. Lei will talk about the recent progress (2012-2015) of her research group in the University of Tsukuba, which mainly focuses on wastewater treatment and biomass conversion. Four research topics will be mentioned: (1) Development of high efficacy adsorbents to treat wastewater; (2) Biological nutrients removal and resource recovery from wastewater; (3) Heavy metals stabilization and control in organic solid wastes; and (4) Biogas production from organic solid wastes. At present, her research group is focusing on using aerobic granular sludge process and hydrothermal technology to treat wastewater and recover resources from wastewater or solid wastes. At the end of this seminar she will give a short introduction to the University of Tsukuba (Japan) and related graduate programs.


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