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ESE Fudan elected the new Academic Committee
Published:2016-11-24 Hits:1394

   On Nov. 20th, 2016, all the faculty with the senior professional title participated in the election meeting for the academic committee of ESE Fudan. At the meeting, Dean Prof. Xin YANG made a mobilization speech while Prof. Zheng ZHENG, the former director of the academic committee, gave a review about the work of the committee on the discipline development and academic activities in the past three years. ZHENG thanked all the teachers who supported the work of the committee in the past years, and wished the new committee would do better.

   The election was conducted by secret ballot. Xin YANG, Jianmin CHEN, Wenbo DONG, Zhigang GUO, Lin WANG, Xiangrong WANG, Zheng ZHENG, Bin ZHOU, Weihua SONG, Cunkuan BAO and Shicheng ZHANG were elected as the members of the new academic committee of ESE Fudan. Jianmin CHEN was selected as the director of the committee, while Xiangrong WANG and Cunkuan BAO were selected as the deputy directors. Proposed by the director, Wenbo DONG served as the secretary of the academic committee.

   After the election, the 1st conference of the new academic committee of ESE Fudan was held. Director Jianmin CHEN highly praised the previous committee for their efforts and contributions on the discipline development, and paid tribute to the two retired members, Prof. Guoshun ZHUANG and Prof. Xingyi DAI. CHEN also asked members of the new committee to continue to play the active role and perform their duties for the better development of ESE Fudan.

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