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Uban Green Space Planning and Design: 2016 Shanghai College Elaborate Courses
Published:2016-04-10 Hits:702

   Ten courses from Fudan University were recently named the 2016 Shanghai College Elaborate Courses, including Uban Green Space Planning and Design.   

   Uban Green Space Planning and Design has been taught for 15 years and suitable for the students from different majors. The lecture group of this course is led by Prof. Xiangrong WANG from ESE Fudan, who has received Fudan excellence award in teaching. The course has been named Fudan Elaborate Course in 2009, and won the third prize for Fudan excellent education award.

   The course covers introduction to the ecology and sustainable development, basic principles and concepts of city planning and landscape design, and landscape aesthetics. It teaches the basic planning and design of urban green space system, and helps students learn to appreciate various styles of urban green space system.

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