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the Alumni Association of ESE Fudan Established
Published:2016-12-03 Hits:2214

   The ceremony for the establishment of the Alumni Association of ESE Fudan was held in Siyuan Hall, Guanghua Tower, Fudan University, on the afternoon of Nov. 26th, 2016. The ceremony was presided over by Jin LYU, the director of the Student Affairs Office of ESE Fudan. Xiaoye ZHANG, the deputy secretary-general of the Alumni Association of Fudan University, Jingjing LIN, the vice-director of the Alumni Affair Office, Exterior Communication Division of Fudan University, Dean Xin YANG of ESE Fudan, deputy Dean Shicheng ZHANG of ESE Fudan, sub-secretary Wei YAO of CPC in ESE Fudan, and 66 alumni of ESE Fudan attended the ceremony.

   Dean YANG gave the welcome speech firstly, and he introduced the achievements in talents training, discipline development, scientific research of ESE Fudan over the past 20 years. He emphasized the co-existence and co-prosperity between the department and the alumni. Xin YANG and Xiaoye ZHANG unveiled the nameplate for the Alumni Association of ESE Fudan. Xiaoye ZHANG lauded the work of ESE Fudan in the alumni affairs, and wished the new-established association would play a better role for the alumni affairs.

   After the unveiling ceremony, the first ESE Fudan alumni representative conference was held. The regulations of the association and the council member list of the association were passed. Prof. Xin YANG was elected as the honorary president of the alumni association of ESE Fudan, while Dr. Xiang GAO was elected as the president of the alumni association of ESE Fiudan. Prof. Wei YAO will served as the secretary-general of the alumni association. The vice-presidents of the association include Qingyan FU, Libo WU, Kan HUANG, Kang HE, Wendong ZHANG, Hang SU, Zimeng WANG.






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