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ESE Prof. Marie Harder honored by 2016 Shanghai Magnolia Award
Published:2016-09-12 Hits:672

   Prof. Marie Kieran Waxman, also known as Prof. Marie Harder, at Fudan ESE has been honored by the 2016 Shanghai Magnolia Silver Award together with other 49 experts. “Magnolia Silver Award”, named after Shanghai’s official flower Magnolia, has been established by Shanghai government since 1989, and conferred to foreign experts and friends who contributed to Shanghai’s communication and cooperation with others as well as its economic and social development.

    Prof. Marie Harder was recruited into the fifth “Thousand Talents Program” in 2011 and is a distinguished professor of Fudan ESE. She also works as a professor at the University of Brighton, UK. She has been researching on sustainable development, minimization and recycling of household wastes, awareness education on waste recycling and establishment of social value index systems for citizens. At Fudan, she has actively created overseas exchanging and learning programs for research groups and students in the department and has also signed college-to-college and department-to-department cooperative agreements with foreign colleges to facilitate the in-depth interdisciplinary development of Fudan. Meanwhile, she has put a lot of strength in bringing more international resources to Fudan by inviting scholars to give talks and participate in various academic activities.


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